About Peabj

What is Peabj?

Peabj is an app that creates different kinds of academic and skill matches to ensure growth for both.

Who created Peabj?

Peabj was designed and created by Kamila Khasanova and Jordan Murti. Two friends that have little in common, but both believe in the power of reciprocity by connecting people with complementary skills. Say hi to Kamila and Jordan by emailing them at peabjapp@gmail.com.

How does Peabj work?

Peabj allows university students to create the following academic and skill matches:

Yin to your yang
Skill twin
Random skill match

Is Peabj free of charge?

Any university student where Peabj is currently available can use the app free of charge.

What was Peabj inspired by?

All people have unique talents and abilities. Somebody is good at Business Analytics but struggles with a French Language so why look for a French tutor or watch educational videos in solitude if you can connect with students who can help you improve your weaknesses while enhancing your strengths.

Why did you create Peabj?

We believe that the process of learning or improving a university subject or a desired skill should be easier and more fun. As a result, we aimed to create a place where students can improve their desired skills while making new friends.

What users is Peabj designed for?

Peabj app is designed for university students who are looking to improve their desired skills and/or making new friends.

Where is Peabj available?

Our app is currently available only in some universities in the United States. We will be making Peabj accessible to more university students soon.

How can you sign up for Peabj?

Try out Peabj app on App Store. Download the app here.

Peabj is not available in my university. How can I join?

Refer your university here and we will look into bringing Peabj to your alma mater asap.

How can I contact Peabj team?

If you have any questions or problems with our app, please email us your concerns to peabjapp@gmail.com.